Coastal ecology and palaeoecology of the Baltic and adjacent seas
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Training Set Sites

There are currently 374 in the training set. A list of these is available. The sites range from lake-like shallow, sheltered reed-fringed brackish bays on the Finnish coast to deep Swedish Fjords and the turbid tidal waters of the Dutch and Danish Wadden Sea.

Byviken Finland Ems-Dollard

Environmental ranges

Environmental variable Minimum Maximum Units
Depth 0.5 120.0 m
Salinity 0.6 31.6 psu
Ammonium 2.0 1860.8 ug/l
Nitrate + Nitrite 5.0 3208.9 ug/l
Total Nitrogen 239.2 3890.3 ug/l
SRP 2.1 397.6 ug/l
Total Phosphate 14.3 605.9 ug/l
Silica 100.7 6557.5 ug/l
Secchi Depth 0.2 8.5 m
Chlorophyll a 0.8 152.4 ug/l

Training site locations