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Table summary
Dataset sample list

Welsh TP dataset
EDDI dataset code: CCW

Sample IdOriginal IdCountrySite nameSample typeTaxa
CW001CW001UKLlyn IdwalCore-top
CW002CW002UKLlyn CwellynCore-top
CW003CW003UKLlyn CoronCore-top
CW004CW004UKLlyn DinamCore-top
CW005CW005UKLlyn PenrhynCore-top
CW007CW007UKLlyn EiddwenCore-top
CW008CW008UKLlyn FanodCore-top
CW009CW009UKLlyn GlanmerinCore-top
CW014CW014UKTalley UpperCore-top
CW015CW015UKTalley LowerCore-top
Total of 11 samples in dataset.