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On-line environmental reconstructions

Performing environmental reconstructions in EDDI is a 4-stage process.

Note: you must be logged in to upload files or perform reconstructions.

1. Upload data to the database
  Currently the database will only accept files in Cornell Condensed format. Please refer to the user guide for software to convert Excel files etc. into this format.

2. Verify the taxonomy of uploaded files against an EDDI training set
  Currently the taxonomy of the uploaded file must match the taxonomy of the chosen training set. Follow the links under datasets for a list of taxa for each training set and a list of taxon merges for merged datasets. In the future you will have the option to load a conversion dictionary to convert from "local" taxonomy & nomenclature to EDDI taxonomy (this function is presently only available in the stand-alone software).

3. Perform a reconstruction using an EDDI training set
  All EDDI transfer functions for pH, TP, conductivity, TOC and anion ratio using weighted averaging (WA), weighted averaging partial least squares (WAPLS), modern analog techniques (MAT) and locally-weighted weighted averaging (LWWA) are available.

4. View or download the results
  Currently you can only view or download the reconstruction results and diagnostics. In the future you will be able to drill-down into each fossil sample and identify and plot analogues, and produce stratigraphic plots of the reconstructions.