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EDDI participants

The European Diatom Database is the result of a three-year collaboration between over 40 diatom taxonomists, palaeolimnologists, statisticians and database experts from 13 countries. This page lists the roles of the various participants.

Development of the EDDI on-line database and environmental reconstruction system is the work of Steve Juggins Newcastle University, with invaluable support in re-coding, reformatting and checking much of the original diatom data and taxon lists from Anne-Marie Clarke, Kathryn Lyttle, and Emma Pearson. Richard Telford helped with web programming and developed the Java code that underpins the web-based graphics and on-line reconstructions. The Newcastle group also coordinated the integration of the raw diatom and environmental datasets, diatom images and taxonomic information, and were responsible for the statistical analysis of the new merged EDDI datasets and transfer functions. Helen Bennion and Rick Battarbee at University College London provided overall administrative coordination for the project, with Helen acting as the main troubleshooter and person who “got things done’’. Nigel Cameron coordinated harmonisation of the pH datasets at UCL, with additional taxonomic help from Jorunn Larsen, Jan Weckström, Peter Rosen, Nadia Solovieva, Viv Jones and Roger Flower. Christine Paillès, Françoise Chalie and Françoise Gasse at CNRS-CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, coordinated the harmonisation of the salinity datasets, helped by Phil Barker, Jane Reed and Laurence Carvalho. The harmonisation of the TP datasets was coordinated by Dave Ryves and John Anderson at GEUS, Copenhagen, with additional taxonomic advice from Sonja Hausmann, Patrick Rioual, Sybille Wunsam and Helen Bennion. Dave Ryves also took responsibility for the final merging of the combined pH, salinity TP datasets.

The three harmonisation centres (UCL, CNRS-CEREGE and GEUS) collected over 2000 digital images to document taxonomic concepts used in EDDI. A large number of these specimens were re-scanned by Shirin Rezai at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh under the supervision of Dave Mann and Micha Bayer. Stephen Droop and Micha Bayer also provided invaluable advice on microscopy and image capture protocols, and David Mann provided guidance on taxonomic and nomenclatural issues, while Eileen Cox of the Natural History Museum is responsible for archiving and curating the EDDI diatom slide collection. John Birks, Cajo ter Braak, Joel Guiot, Andy Lotter, Atte Korhola and Hannu Toivonen provided expert advice and guidance on statistical issues and transfer function development, and Don Charles (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia) provided comments on the web system and discussed issues of compatibility with the US Diatom Paleolimnological Data Cooperative. Gerard Begni and colleagues at Medias France provided additional web-based support for the salinity datasets.

The taxonomic, distributional, ecological and palaeoecological information contained in the EDDI system is ultimately derived from individual diatom training sets that have been collected by diatomists working in laboratories across Europe. EDDI gratefully acknowledges the following people for generously donating their datasets to the project.

John Anderson Northern Irish, Danish and Northwest European TP datasets and SWAP pH dataset
Leila Ben Khelifa North African Salinity dataset
Helen Bennion Welsh CCW, Shropshire / Cheshire Meres, Southern England, and Northwest European TP datasets
Frode Berge Norwegian and SWAP pH datasets
John Birks Norwegian and SWAP pH datasets
John Boyle Norwegian pH dataset
Nigel Cameron UCL and combined ALPE mountain lake pH datasets
Jordi Catalan Spanish mountain lake pH dataset
Roger Flower SWAP pH dataset
Joan Agrcia Spanish mountain lake pH dataset
Francoise Gasse North, East and combined African salinity datasets
Liz Haworth SWAP pH dataset
Vivienne Jones Svalbard pH dataset
Steve Juggins Caspian salinity dataset and Northwest European TP dataset
Atte Korhola Finnish pH dataset
Tom Korsman Swedish pH dataset
Andy Lotter Swiss TP dataset
Aldo Marchetto Italian mountain lake pH dataset
Jane Reed Spanish and Caspian salinity datasets
Sergi Pla Spanish mountain lake dataset
Ingemar Renberg SWAP pH dataset
Patrick Rioual French Massif Central TP dataset
Paul Rosén Swedish pH dataset
Roland Schmidt Central European TP dataset
Nadia Solovieva Kola pH dataset
Jan Weckström Finnish pH dataset
Sybille Wunsam Central European TP dataset