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EDDI Datasets

This page gives a list of datasets currently included in EDDI. Click on the Id to view a list of samples, or click on the name to view more details about a dataset.

pHALPEALPE mountain lake dataset118
pHALPIItalian mountain lake dataset31
pHALPSSpanish mountain lake dataset28
pHALPUUCL mountain lake dataset30
pHBergenNorwegian dataset96
pHFinlandFinnish dataset98
pHKolaKola penninsula pH dataset25
pHpHCombined pH dataset627
pHSvalbardSvalbard pH dataset23
pHSWAPSWAP dataset178
pHSwedenSwedish dataset118
SalinityAfricaAfrican dataset284
SalinityAfricaEEast African dataset187
SalinityAfricaNNorth African dataset97
SalinityCaspianCaspian saline lake dataset29
SalinitySalinityCombined salinity dataset387
SalinitySpainSpanish saline lake dataset74
TPCCWWelsh TP dataset11
TPCEuroCentral European dataset86
TPDKDanish TP dataset28
TPFrenchFrench Massif Central TP dataset28
TPNINorthern Irish dataset54
TPNWEuroNW Europe dataset164
TPSCMUK meres TP dataset33
TPSEngSouthern England dataset26
TPSwissSwiss dataset69
TPTPCombined TP dataset347