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Dataset information

Swiss dataset

EDDI dataset codeSwiss
Dataset typeTP
Number of samples69
Collection date1993 - 1998
ContributorAndr Lotter
ContactAndr Lotter

This dataset includes 68 small lakes situated on the Swiss Plateau, in the Jura mountains and the Alps, as well as the foreland of the southern Alps. Additionally nine well-dated sediment core samples are included. The samples cover a long gradient of total phosphorus concentrations from oligotrophic to hypertrophic conditions. The lakes range considerably in size and depth and are situated along an altitudinal gradient from 300-2350 m a.s.l. The lakes lie in areas of calcareous bedrock and are, therefore, alkaline. Surface sediment samples were collected between 1993 and 1994 (Lotter et al., 1997a); two of the core samples are from Rotsee (Lotter, 1998, 1989) and seven are from Baldegersee (Lotter et al., 1997b). All diatom analysis was undertaken by Andy Lotter. The final screened training set comprised of 72 samples and was used to develop a diatom-total phosphorus transfer function. The WA PLS second component model gave the best results (apparent r2=0.93; RMSE=0.11 log10TP g l-1; RMSEP=0.19 log10TP g l-1) and details are given in Lotter et al. (1998). Palaeolimnological studies have been undertaken at a number of these sites (e.g. Lotter, 1989, 1998; Lotter et al. 1997b).

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  • Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Maximum depth of lakem691.66614.6
    pHpH units687.658.98.21
    Soluable reactive phosphorusg/l68161.56.44
    Total nitrogeng/l6820083601764
    Total organic carbonmg/l680.4510.53.31
    Total phosphorusg/l695.821141.9
    Water depth of diatom samplem691.66614.6