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Dataset information

Swedish dataset

EDDI dataset codeSweden
Dataset typepH
Number of samples118
Collection date1989 - 1990
ContributorsTom Korsman, Peter Rosn
ContactTom Korsman

The training set from northern Sweden is an extended 151 sample set that includes the 119 lakes published in the training set assembled by Korsman & Birks (1996). The lakes are head-water sites (maximum depth > 2m; 0.04-2 km2; altitude > 5m; not limed). Sediment samples were taken with a gravity corer from the deepest point of each lake. With a few exceptions, that were analysed only once, water chemistry data were means of summer and winter values for the period 1985-1989. 200-300 diatom valves were counted per surface sediment sample. Only diatom taxa occurring in at least 5 lakes with a relative abundance of more than 2% in at least one lake were included in the analyses, giving at total of 115 taxa in the training set. This calibration set was developed for a palaeolimnological study of lake acidification in northern Sweden.

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  • Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Calcium + Magnesiumeq/l2820400109
    Colourmg Pt/l118520048
    Maximum depth of lakem1181.5237.46
    pHpH units11858.36.5
    Water depth of diatom samplem1181.5237.46