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Dataset information

Spanish saline lake dataset

EDDI dataset codeSpain
Dataset typeSalinity
Number of samples74
Collection date1990 - 1993
ContributorJane Reed
ContactJane Reed

The Spanish training set includes 74 samples from 57 sites situated between 42衹 and 36訕 in latitude, 6訖 and 2蚩 in longitude. Sampling was restricted to endorheic zones of flat topography, from the interior plateau: La Mancha and Albacete (central Spain) and Zamora (northeastern Spain), and from the lowlands of Andaluc燰 (southern Spain) and the Ebro basin (northeastern Spain), at altitudes ranging from 2-1020m asl. Conductivity ranges from 150 to 338,000 猶 cm-1. There is a tendency for water chemistry to be dominated by sulphates in the central plateau region, chlorides in Andaluc燰, and mixed chloride- or sulphate-dominance in the Ebro basin, dependent on the mineralogy of underlying Tertiary or Triassic marine or continental evaporites. Carbonate-dominated waters are rare, comprising a small number of freshwater, karstic systems. Samples were collected by J. Reed during her PhD (UCL Geography). Following removal of four outliers from the training set, a conductivity transfer function (r2 = 0.91) was derived for Spanish salt lakes (Reed 1995, 1998), which has been applied to one Spanish sequence (Reed 1995, Reed in press, Reed et al., 2001) and in unpublished work in Mexico. Based mainly on the above combined African transfer function, optima from the Spanish transfer function were also used in conductivity reconstruction for sites in Turkey (Reed et al. 1999, Roberts et al. 2001).

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  • Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Maximum depth of lakem740.029.51.42
    pHpH units746.339.928.27
    Water depth of diatom samplem740.029.51.28