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Dataset information

Southern England dataset

EDDI dataset codeSEng
Dataset typeTP
Number of samples26
Collection date1990
ContributorHelen Bennion
ContactHelen Bennion

The original dataset included 31 ponds and pools from southeast England. They are all relatively small, shallow, lowland, artificial waterbodies. All sites have circumneutral to alkaline pH and are nutrient-rich. Surface sediment samples were collected during July and August 1990 by University College London and diatoms were counted by Helen Bennion. Following removal of one outlier, a training set of the remaining 30 ponds was used to generate a diatom TP transfer function (Bennion, 1994, 1995; Bennion & Smith, 2000; Bennion et al., 1997). The diatom inference model had good predictive power (apparent r2=0.79; RMSE=0.161 log10TP 痢 l-1; RMSEP=0.279 log10TP 痢 l-1). A subset of 26 of these sites is included in EDDI and this forms part of the larger combined NW European training set (Bennion et al., 1996). Palaeolimnological studies have been undertaken at a number of the southeast England sites (Bennion, 1993, 1994).

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  • Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Maximum depth of lakem260.7122.19
    pHpH units266.838.597.7
    Secchi depthm26-12.40.369
    Soluable reactive phosphorus痢/l263.2852080.9
    Total phosphorus痢/l2625.5646182
    Water depth of diatom samplem260.7122.19

    Publications for this dataset:

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