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Dataset information

NW Europe dataset

EDDI dataset codeNWEuro
Dataset typeTP
Number of samples164
Collection date1987 - 1994
ContributorsJohn Anderson, Helen Bennion, Steve Juggins
ContactsJohn Anderson, Helen Bennion, Steve Juggins

The Northwest European dataset is an amalgamation of six smaller regional datasets from southeast England, the English Midlands, Wales, Northern Ireland, Denmark, and Sweden. The lakes are mostly lowland, shallow, small, slightly acid to alkaline waters with agricultural activity and/or forestry in the catchments. The combined dataset spans a long TP gradient from oligotrophic to hypertrophic waters. Surface sediment samples (0-1 cm) were collected from the deepest point of each lake over the period 1990-1993 and diatoms were counted by either Helen Bennion (southeast England, meres, Wales), John Anderson (Northern Ireland, Denmark, Sweden) or Tim Allott (Wales). A program of taxonomic harmonisation was undertaken to construct a unified database of diatom data. The full dataset consists of 164 lakes but this was reduced to a training set of 152 lakes following data screening. This training set was used to develop a WAPLS diatom-TP transfer function and component 2 gave the lowest prediction error (RMSEP=0.21 log10TP 痢 l-1, apparent r2=0.91). Further details of the training set and transfer function are given in Bennion et al., 1996) and the model has subsequently been applied to numerous diatom sequences to reconstruct lake nutrient histories (e.g. Bennion et al., 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001).

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  • This is a composite dataset derived from the following original datasets:
    Dataset IdNameN
    CCWWelsh TP dataset11
    DKDanish TP dataset28
    NINorthern Irish dataset54
    SCMUK meres TP dataset33
    SEngSouthern England dataset26
    SWAPSWAP dataset12

    Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Aluminium (total)痢/l123317183.1
    Maximum depth of lakem1640.737.76.82
    pHpH units1645.759.457.74
    Secchi depthm87-13.51
    Soluable reactive phosphorus痢/l1191.75101687.5
    Total K nitrogen痢/l7733088402060
    Total nitrogen痢/l12262982490
    Total organic carbonmg/l123178.28
    Total phosphorus痢/l16451189172
    Water depth of diatom samplem1640.737.76.82