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Dataset information

Central European dataset

EDDI dataset codeCEuro
Dataset typeTP
Number of samples86
Collection date1900 - 1994
ContributorsRoland Schmidt, Sybille Wunsam
ContactSybille Wunsam

This dataset includes 86 lakes from the Northern (Austria, Germany) and Southern Alps (Northern Italy), their pre-alpine lowlands, and Carinthia, Austria. The lakes are diverse in their types but are mostly large, deep, upland waters. The lakes have circumneutral to alkaline pH and cover a long total phosphorus gradient from oligotrophic to hypertrophic conditions. Surface sediment samples were collected by the Institute of Limnology, Mondsee between 1990 and 1994 and diatoms were counted by Sybille Wunsam. A WA diatom-total phosphorus transfer function was developed from these data and details are given in Wunsam & Schmidt (1995) and Wunsam et al. (1995). The WA model with tolerance downweighting and classical deshrinking performed best (apparent r2=0.57; RMSE=0.318 log10TP g l-1; RMSEP=0.346 log10TP g l-1). Palaeolimnological studies have been undertaken at a number of these sites (e.g. Alefs et al., 1996; Bennion et al., 1995; Marchetto & Bettinetti, 1995; Schmidt et al., 1998; Wunsam & Schmidt, 1995).

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  • Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Maximum depth of lakem862.141052.6
    pHpH units866.88.58.11
    Secchi depthm860.610.63.99
    Total phosphorusg/l86226623.5
    Water depth of diatom samplem822.119137.5