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Dataset information

East African dataset

EDDI dataset codeAfricaE
Dataset typeSalinity
Number of samples187
Collection date1960 - 1986
ContributorFrancoise Gasse
ContactFrancoise Gasse

The East African training set includes samples from 98 sites situated between 19衹 and 14訕 in latitude, 27衹 and 43蚩 in longitude. They range from afro-alpine bogs at altitude of up to 4000 m to hypersaline lakes lying below sea-level. The conductivity ranges from 40 to 50,000 猶 cm-1 and the pH from 5 to 10.9. The chemical facies is of the alkaline earths/bicarbonate type for freshwaters, to the Na/carbonate or Na/chloride type for highly concentrated waters. The training set consists of 187 samples. Most samples have been collected by F. Gasse (98) from 1970, P. Kilham (19), J.-F. Talling (14) and R.B. Wood (14). Other collaborators in collecting diatom samples have been C. Barton, R.M. Baxter, J. Green, J. Kalff, ad J. L. Richardson. All diatom samples were counted by F. Gasse. Detailed descriptions of the diatom samples and chemical analyses were published by Gasse et al. (1983). This paper also provides a numerical classification of the diatom assemblages. A total of 579 taxa was identified in the data set, the taxonomy and ecology of which are discussed and illustrated by Gasse (1986a). This data set was used to develop transfer functions for estimating pH (Gasse and Tekaia, 1983) and conductivity (Gasse and Tekaia, unpublished) and the model has subsequently been applied to diatom sequences to reconstruct lake pH and salinity histories and related changes in the water balance (e.g. Gasse, 1986b ; Barker, 1990 ; Barker et al., 1991).

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  • Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Maximum depth of lakem1470.126624.4
    pHpH units1785.510.98.02
    Site surface area at time of samplingkm21100.01688006320
    Total phosphorus痢/l90165025.7
    Water depth of diatom samplem1510.051768.69