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Dataset information

ALPE mountain lake dataset

EDDI dataset codeALPE
Dataset typepH
Number of samples118
Collection date1986 - 1993
ContributorThe ALPE Participants
ContactsJohn Birks, Nigel Cameron

The ALPE diatom-pH calibration data-set consists of surface-sediment diatom assemblages from 118 lakes and contains 530 taxa. The ALPE training set is from high-altitude or high-latitude lakes in the Alps, Norway, Svalbard, Kola Peninsula, UK, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. Gravity or piston corers were used to collect surface-sediment samples of 0.25 or 0.5 cm thickness, usually from the deepest point in each lake and a total of at least 500 valves were counted from each sample. A large number of possible sites in existing calibration sets, plus new ALPE project sites, were first screened carefully to select a set of lakes meeting the criteria of an alpine or remote location and an undisturbed catchment. The resulting ALPE data set of 118 lakes is derived from the whole or parts of 5 data-sets. These are 31 lakes from a Central Alps data set (Marchetto & Schmidt, 1993), 28 lakes from a Pyrenean data set (Garcia & Catalan, unpub.), 30 AL:PE 1 and AL:PE 2 lakes in various countries, 9 lakes from a Norwegian diatom-pH data set (Birks, Boyle & Berge, unpub.), and 20 Norwegian, Welsh, and Scottish lakes from the SWAP calibration set (see above). These 118 lakes have an altitudinal range of 20 m (northern Svalbard 79o40'N, 10o45'E) to 3050 m (mean = 1762 m median = 2091 m).

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  • This is a composite dataset derived from the following original datasets:
    Dataset IdNameN
    ALPIItalian mountain lake dataset31
    ALPSSpanish mountain lake dataset28
    ALPUUCL mountain lake dataset30
    BergenNorwegian dataset9
    SWAPSWAP dataset20

    Summary of environmental data for this dataset:
    Aluminium (labile)痢/l223.5117648.2
    Aluminium (monomeric)痢/l24314742.5
    Aluminium (total)痢/l431025661.9
    Maximum depth of lakem11817315.5
    pHpH units1184.488.046.15
    Total nitrogen痢/l373.22770202
    Total organic carbonmg/l500.24.871.32
    Total phosphorus痢/l910.5437.18
    Water depth of diatom samplem11817315.5