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European Diatom Database brief description

EDDI is a database of diatom training datsets and transfer functions. It has has been developed by combining and harmonising data from a series of smaller datasets from across Europe and parts of Africa and Asia. The EDDI system makes these data available on-line and allows diatomists to apply the transfer functions to sediment cores. At present contains diatom counts and associated environmental information for over 2000 taxa in 1350 modern samples from 23 regional training datasets. All details of the training sets, diatom samples and taxa can be listed or explored graphically via web pages and software linked to the EDDI database. Taxonomic conventions used in merging the EDDI datasets are fully documented with over 2000 digital images, and environmental reconstructions using EDDI transfer functions are available on-line or via free downloadable software.

These web pages are the first "draft" of the EDDI system.
The system has been tested using IE5 and Netscape 4.5 on PCs. The system has only been tested briefly on Macs. We will be enhancing the site with more help and explanatory text over the next few months and will try to fix and problems as quickly as possible. In the meantime please be patient! We welcome feedback on any aspect of the system.

EDDI was funded by the EU IV Framework programme under contract ENV4-CT97-0562.

Download a user guide to the system.