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DARES and DALES are collaborative projects between the UK Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Bowburn Consultancy, ECRC-ENSIS, the Natural History Museum, and the Universities of Bristol, Newcastle and Ulster. The list below contains contact details and role of each partner.

Bowburn Consultancy
Martyn Kelly contact details webpage
Lydia King contact details webpage
Role: DARES and DALES project coordinator and overall project organisation, diatom analysis and taxonomic harmonization.

Environment Agency
Jane Jamieson contact details webpage
Role: DARES and DALES Environment agency project manager.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Robin Guthrie contact details webpage
Jan Krokowski contact details webpage
Role: SEPA and SNIFFER representative, WFD advisor.

Helen Bennion contact details webpage
Amy Burgess contact details webpage
Role: DALES coordinator, sample method development, data analysis.

Natural History Museum
Eileen Cox contact details webpage
Role: DARES diatom taxonomic harmonization and intercalibration, validation of concept of 'good ecological status' using herbaria specimens.

University of Bristol
Marian Yallop contact details webpage
Heike Hirst contact details webpage
Gayle Reddihough contact details webpage
Role: DARES and DALES diatom analysis, taxonomic harmonization and intercalibration, analysis of herbaria specimens, data analysis.

University of Ulster
Brian Rippey contact details webpage
Role: DARES WFD and data analysis advisor, liason with LEAFTYPE and RIVTYPE projects.

University of Newcastle
Steve Juggins contact details webpage
Role: DARES and DALES database development, data analysis and software development.

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