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The DARES and DALES projects build upon existing methods for using diatoms to monitor river and lake water quality, although some modifications are needed in order to ensure compatibility with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive.

Current UK methods are described in the TDI Userís Manual (Revised Edition)  (available from Environment Agency R&D Dissemination Centre) and are underpinned by two European standards:

EN 13946:2003 (Water quality Ė Guidance Standard for the routine sampling and pre-treatment of benthic diatom samples from rivers).
EN 14407:2004 (Water quality Ė Guidance Standard for the identification, enumeration and interpretation of benthic diatom samples from running waters).

Sample record forms
DALES sample data form (MS Word document)
DARES sample data sheet (MS Word document)
DARES Sample record form (Excel spreadsheet)


Protocols for the DARES and DALES projects are described in Adobe acrobat (pdf) files that can be downloaded below.  They based on relevant chapters in the TDI Userís Manual and chapter numbering remains unchanged so that they can be easily compiled into a DARES / DALES Userís Manual at the end of the project.

DARES and DALES field sampling (updated document 12/10/05)
DARES field sampling (original document)
Diatom slide preparation

Diatom slide counting

Training Presentations

Three PowerPoint presentations have been developed as part of the DARES and DALES projects to train staff in diatom sampling methods.  You can either view the presentations online as web pages, or download them as Powerpoint files (without videos) or zipped archives of Powerpoint demonstrations with video clips. If you want to use these you will need to allow about 20 minutes per presentation.
Introduction to diatom sampling Powerpoint 1.3Mb (without videos)
Powerpoint 2.5Mb (with video clips)
Sampling diatoms from rocks Powerpoint 1.6Mb (without videos)
Powerpoint 25.5Mb (with video clips)
Sampling diatoms from macrophytes Powerpoint 1.8 Mb (without videos)
Powerpoint 23.2Mb (with video clips)

The video sequences were filmed in October 2003 in the Rivers Avon and Wylye (Hampshire, UK) by Tim Colborn (University of Bristol).   Text is by Martyn Kelly and Marian Yallop. 


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