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DARES and DALES: Diatom Assessment of River and Lake / Loch Ecological Status

The objective of DARES and DALES is to develop statistically-robust monitoring tools to enable the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Environment and Heritage Service (Northern Ireland) to assess ecological status of freshwaters using benthic diatoms. DARES and DALES are separate projects but with shared management and some partners common to both projects. The work programme of each project falls into two broad stages: the compilation of a comprehensive database of diatom counts and associated chemical information, and the analysis of these data to develop a predictive tool.  

We have included some resources and links on these pages that may be of interest to the wider hydrobiological community.  

DARES is collaborative project funded by the UK Environment Agency and the Scottish & Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research (SNIFFER). Funding from the Agency's Water Framework Directive Programme and Contribution from SNIFFER allows the extension of this work to cover Scotland and Northern Ireland. DALES is funded by the Environment Agency.

Project EMC(03)01/WFD 30: Diatoms as Monitors of the Ecological Status of Rivers (DARES - Diatom Assessment of River Ecological Status) is a consortium-based approach involving Bowburn Consultancy, the Universities of Bristol, Newcastle and Ulster and the Natural History Museum. 

DALES is part of EID(03)01 Development of a phytobenthos classification tool for lakes and lochs. Consortium members are Bowburn Consultancy, ECRC-ENSIS and the Universities of Bristol and Newcastle.


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