Diatoms on the web at Newcastle University
Steve Juggins web site
Download software for analysing ecological and palaeoecological data and creating stratigraphic diagrams.
Diatom Assessment of River and Lake Ecological Quality (DARLEQ)
DARLEQ is a project funded by the UK Environment Agency and the Scottish & Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research (SNIFFER) to develop a tool for assessing of the ecological status of rivers using benthic diatoms.
The European Diatom Database
The European Diatom Database (EDDI) is a web-based information system designed to enhance the application of diatom analysis to problems of surface water acidification, eutrophication and climate change.
MOnitoring Long-term Trends in Eutrophication and Nutrients in the coastal zone
The MOLTEN project is designed to create guidelines for the evaluation of background conditions, anthropogenic influence and recovery of coastal marine waters.